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For soccer a player wears soccer shoes; for skating, skates; for basketball, basketball sneakers. For futsal, one should of course use futsal shoes!

Players who wear sneakers will not experience the maximum benefit and development from futsal. They will suffer a significant disadvantage compared to players wearing futsal shoes or even generic soccer flats. Even traditional "indoor soccer" shoes are inferior to proper futsal shoes.

The design and materials of futsal shoes are specifically tailored to the sport. In futsal, the need to pivot quickly, use the toe and sole and provide traction on a hard surface are paramount. Sneakers do not provide any of these elements, and indoor soccer shoes rarely have reinforced toes or hard-court traction soles.

If you want to get the most out of your futsal experience, wear futsal shoes!


We are excited to offer futsal shoes by DalPonte, Joma and Penalty. These are the very top brands of futsal shoes in the world, and we are very happy to provide them to you at very low cost.

Our entire stock of more than 200 pairs available at our Park School location. Prices range from $35 to $80, depending on brand, style and size. We presently have sizes as small as children's 10 up through adult 12. On December 3 & 4 we will offer a discount of $10 off all non-closeout pairs when paid with cash or check. Credit card payment is available at a discount of $8 off per pair.



We offer Baden futsal balls in size three and four. Baden has long been the preeminent supplier of futsal balls and we are excited to offer not only the common white-and-blue futsal balls, but for the first time ever, futsal balls available in yellow, green, blue, red, orange and pink, all with the Super F logo! These special balls will be arriving in early December and will be on sale in advance of the holiday season.

Whenever we are asked what a simple, easy way to improve skills is ... our response is to have the player keep a futsal ball under his desk or under the table while doing homework, watching tv or even working on a web site. The player will inherently play with the ball and almost certainly will not be looking at the ball. This continuously and subconsciously improves touch, comfort and control.



Our relationships with vendors allow us to receive steeply discounted prices, and buying in bulk doesn't hurt either! And we are very happy to pass on the savings to you!

We have in stock: socks, shorts, shinguards, goalkeeper shirts, goalkeeper pants and goalkeeping gloves.

We can also provide t-shirts or jerseys, too.

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