Futsal and the Massachusetts Futsal Association

There is only one indoor game approved by FIFA; and no organization in New England offers more high quality programs than the Massachusetts Futsal Association, part of US Youth Futsal and US Soccer.

Futsal allows players to improve their skills in a fun, safe environment. It facilitates far greater and more efficient skill development than any other variation of soccer. And it is largely a non-contact sport played without walls, boards or turf and officiated by professional, licensed and experienced futsal referees, so it's completely safe!

The Massachusetts Futsal Association is committed to providing the highest quality futsal opportunities for players ages six to sixty. Since 1999, we have offered the very best programs – from our traditional 5v5 futsal leagues to our U8 3v3 option; from our academy programs to our clinics, camps and tournaments plus pickup and I.D. Camps – no one works harder than we do.

We are committed to excellence and to your success and enjoyment. The Massachusetts Futsal Association and its parent, US Youth Futsal, are the most professional and the only FIFA sanctioned futsal program in New England, with 100% referees and assignor certified by FIFA and US Soccer. We work with other US Youth Futsal leagues to promote the growth of the sport including the Northeast Regional Futsal Championships, the State Team Program and visiting professional coaches like US National Futsal Team head coach Keith Tozer.

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We hope you will join the growing list of teams from more than 40 youth soccer organizations that have recently experienced the benefits of Massachusetts Futsal!

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