Nashoba Brooks School, 200 Strawberry Hill Rd., Concord

Children must be supervised in all facilities. This list is not alphabetical nor does it include seldom-used facilities. List of all active venues can be found on HTG Sports.


ForeKicks Marlboro, 219 Forest St., Marlborough

Fessenden School, 428 Crafts St., W. Newton

ForeKicks Taunton, 223 Fremont St., Taunton

Rashi School, 8000 Great Meadow Rd., Dedham

Beaver Country Day School, 791 Hammond St. Chestnut Hill

Park School, 171 Goddard Ave., Brookline

ForeKicks Norfolk, 10 Pine St., Norfolk

Starland Sports Complex, 637 Washington St., Hanover

Massachusetts Futsal Association