Massachusetts Futsal Association


  1. head to head
  2. goal differential (maximum +7/-7)
  3. fewest goals allowed
  4. fewest red cards

General Playoff Information

  • Teams not competing in semifinals or finals will play consolation matches.
  • Sibling players are not permitted for playoff games.
  • Any player on multiple rosters in the same division is beholden to the team s/he played on in the teams' league match. If the player did not play in the league match s/he may choose either team. S/he is restricted to that roster for the duration of the playoffs.

Playoff Match Procedures

  • home team (higher seed) kicks off first half
  • home team chooses side to defend
  • home team elects whether to change colors in the event of a conflict
  • if score is level after full time, there is a one-minute interval, teams do not change benches or ends
  • home team kicks off three-minute overtime
  • overtime is golden goal (first goal scored wins)
  • if no goal is scored, immediately to penalty kicks (best of five)
  • any players may shoot, team with greater number of players may elect to reduce to equate
  • if no team is ahead after five kicks per team, kicks continue one-for-one until a winner is determined


First and second place Mass Youth teams will receive trophies, first place Mass Adult and Premier teams will receive trophies. Players on the champions and finalists in each will receive individual awards. Awards ceremonies will take place immediately following each division's championship match.

Division Information

Divisions of six teams: Five league matches, semifinals/friendlies, final/friendlies.

Divisions of four teams: Six league matches, final/friendy.

Divisions of five teams: Four league matches and one friendly, semifinals/friendlies, final/friendlies.

Divisions of eight teams: Five league matches, semifinals/friendlies, final/friendlies.

Playoff Information