Massachusetts Futsal Association

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  • discipline
  • forfeits
  • guests & borrowed players
  • lost and found
  • parking & facilities
  • protests
  • refunds
  • rosters & age groups
  • scheduling & rescheduling
  • weather

I. discipline

A player shown three single yellow cards during a session will serve a one-game suspension in the first match immediately following the third yellow card. The player's yellow card count resets upon his return. For players on multiple teams/rosters, the accumulation applies to all rosters, and the suspension applies to all rosters.

A player or coach shown two red cards (or dismissed twice) during a session is suspended for the remainder of the season, including friendlies and playoffs and may be required to meet with the league's disciplinary board.

A player or coach shown a red card for violent conduct is suspended for three matches.

A player or coach shown a red card (or observed to commit) violent conduct against a match or league official is suspended for three matches and must meet with the league's disciplinary board in addition to requirements of United States Soccer Federation protocol.

A red card suspension or dismissal pertains to all teams/rosters. A suspended player or coach may not enter a league facility on the suspended date.

II. forfeits & no-shows

If your team is unable to field a team and notifies us at least 48 hours in advance, the team loses by forfeit (7-0 loss and -1 league points).

If your team forfeits without minimum 48-hour notice (no-show), the team loses by no-show forfeit (7-0 loss and -2 league pts) and is subject to paying a $75 fine. 

III. guests & borrowed players

No guest players are allowed. Only players on a team roster are eligible to play.

Sibling teams may swing up to three players per game, provided the number of active players does not exceed 14. The sibling players must be on the sibling roster, which must be shown to the site admin and referee at check in and upon request. Sibling teams may not swing players during the postseason.

If a team is playing a friendly match it may add an age-eligible player who is on another league roster with the consent of the opposing coach, keeping in mind the level of play expected in the division.

Violation of any of the above regulations will result in forfeiture of applicable games.

IV. lost and found

Massachusetts Futsal and facilities are not responsible for lost items. Lost and found receptacles may be available. 

V. parking/facilities

Please park only in marked spaces. At the Park School and at Fessenden it is especially imperative not to leave vehicles in the driveway or along the side of the building.

No child should be unattended in our facilities. Young spectators must remain with a parent or guardian at all times.

Please do not go, or allow players or spectators to go, into any area of a facility not futsal-related ... eg, stay out of classrooms, unrelated hallways and stairwells, etc. Remain in the gym, lobby or their immediate corridors. There is no ball playing in the hallways.

VI. protests

No protests are allowed. All decisions by referees, league directors and tournament directors are final.

VII. refunds

Academy: Prior to the start of the session, a 75% refund may be given until the first date. Once the session has started, no refunds will be granted.

Free Agents: No refunds will be given.

League: For Session One, a 75% refund may be given until Oct. 31. No refunds will be given for Session One thereafter. For Session Two a 75% refund may be given until Jan. 1. No refunds will be given for Session Two thereafter.

Tournaments: Up until two months prior to the event, a 75% refund may be given. No refunds will be given thereafter.

VIII. rosters

Players must be rostered to participate in games. Waiver and insurance columns must be indicated by green check marks for each player. Only players who are on rosters and cleared waivers and insurance are eligible to participate. Commencing with week two of each league session, only players with photos of rosters are eligible to participate.

Youth league coaches should have available an electronic copy of their roster at all times. Adult league coaches must provide a printed copy of the roster at check-in.

Players may be dual rostered, but any player on multiple rosters in the same division is beholden for playoffs to the team s/he played on in the teams' league match. If the player did not play in the league match s/he may choose either team. S/he is restricted to that roster only for the duration of the playoffs.

Rosters may include up to 14 players.

Split teams may add up to three players from their sibling team per game.

Teams can add to their roster up until the fourth weekend of league play. No roster changes may occur thereafter under any circumstance.

All youth teams must have at least one and no more than three coaches on the team bench during a game. This includes high school teams that coach themselves -- these must still have an adult serve in official coach capacity.

U.S. Soccer mandates that all coaches and managers complete SafeSport training and submit to a background check prior to serving as coach or manager of a youth soccer or futsal team. No adult may serve in this capacity without applicable completion of SafeSport and clearance approved by U.S. Soccer and U.S. Youth Futsal.

Single year age grouping for 2021-22 Season:

Note - players may always play in an "older" age group, but never a younger one.

Born on or before DEC. 3, 2003 & Older
Born on or before DEC. 3, 1981 & Older
Born in 2003 & Younger
Born in 2004 & Younger
Born in 2005 & Younger
Born in 2006 & Younger
Born in 2007 & Younger
Born in 2008 & Younger
Born in 2009 & Younger
Born in 2010 & Younger
Born in 2011 & Younger
Born in 2012 & Younger
Born in 2013 & Younger
Born in 2014 & Younger

IX. scheduling & rescheduling

Scheduling for the first week occurs as early as possible. We normally reserve the remainder of the schedule until the conclusion of the first or second week. This is to confirm the level of play in all divisions and make any changes necessary before posting the rest of the schedule.

We are often able to fulfill one or two minor scheduling requests, but these must be submitted by Nov. 7 to be considered.

Games are booked into anticipated time ranges but may slide over such ranges depending on the number of teams and the availability of facilities. Expected dates and times are guides only and are subject to change.

Once the schedule is posted, games can not be rescheduled. Due to the nature of the facility being booked and paid for, and referees being assigned and paid for, is it nearly impossible to withdraw a game from its assigned slot. However, if the team requesting the reschedule wishes to provide or pay for court time at a suitable facility, a reschedule may be possible. 

X. weather

In the event that inclement weather causes cancellation of games, every effort will be made to make up the games. However, there are no guarantees and no refunds will be issued.

Generally speaking, a couple inches and games are on as scheduled. More than 3 inches and there will likely be an adjusted schedule (delayed start/early closure), more than 6 inches is likely to results in complete postponement/cancellation. Facility closure decisions are at the discretion of the facility.

There have been at least two recent incidences when a large storm was forecast but little snow accumulated in the Boston area. Do not assume that because a large storm is forecast or because other programs are closed that futsal games are not taking place. Allow extra time.

Announcements will be posted on the MFA and HTG web sites and via social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). Coaches and managers will receive email only in the event of changes to the schedule. All are advised to check the web site up to one hour before departing for games.